Agritourism |

This year we are looking forward in getting involved with starting agritourism in Polk County.  Working hand in hand with the Polk County Extension Office,  we want to provide an “on the farm experience” where people can learn where their food comes from and how it is grown while also learning new sustainable growing practices, such as methods  aimed to produce more vegetables in a small area. One goal might be to encourage families to grow small gardens in their yards.   We are working hand in hand with other small farmers and a packing house to broaden the farm experience from picking and packing to a value added product such as a wine.

One of the reasons we are trying to develop agritoursim here in Polk County is to develop a more positive attitude towards Florida’s agriculture from small children to youths, parents and consumers giving them a first hand experience in a farm  setting and giving them the farm fresh feeling.

We also are working with the extension agent, Mary Beth Henrey, who leads an advisory committee where we are providing service to our community. We meet about four to six times a year to discuss what we can do to help local farmers here in Polk County.  We provide input on the needs of small farmers of Polk County and also help plan and organize, as well as teach programs. We also learn a lot from our fellow committee members and try to help those who need it.